PenPal Therapy™

The first of all ED therapies to have a very high success rate. The medicine is self-administered directly into the soft tissue of the penis by way of a Penpal™. Considering that 60% of men have at least one or more side effects to ED pills, this treatment becomes a great option. You don’t actually see it go in, the device does all the work. It is painless and highly effective.   The medication generally works in five to ten minutes and your body never learns what this medicine is. Many oral pills require you to increase dosage over time (titrating) whereas, Penpal™ therapy contains a combination of medications that cause instant vasodilation which directly distributes blood to the penis resulting in harder erections.

Men’s Health Partners physician Dr. Gaillard of Greenville, South Carolina says “This is a perfect treatment option if you enjoy a drink or two, and make have other health issues. Some men prefer to stay from the side effects often attributed to oral medications, which makes this an ideal therapy.”


97% Success

Control Firmness

Control Time

A study on 80 patients with erectile dysfunction found the synergic action of these drugs increases the blood flow to corpora cavernosa to an extent not achieved by any of these two alone.

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